have you heard of the game minecraft? well i  got minecraft and i made a  world in creative and i made my house. it took me about 2 days to make it because it is a very big house. I will show you my house and also i will keep up dating you on my minecraft and my lego.

10 of my favourite things

Number 10.  playing  foot hockey (it is like soccer but in a smaller place )

Number 9.  playing  cricket

Number 8.  riding my bike

Number 7. playing outdoors

Number 6.  playing soccer

Number 5. playing on my  iPod

Number 4. playing minecraft

Number 3.  make origami

Number 2. playing  my PS3 (play station 3)  

Number 1.  playing  Lego

witch 10 people i would i like meet alive or dead

1.  James riemer(leafs goalie)  -do you feel a lot of pressure on you when your goalie?

2.  Steve jobs – what/who inspired you to make a company?

3.  Sidney Crosby -how did it feel scoring  the wining the goal for Canada?

4.   Ole Kirk Christiansen (Lego inventor)- how did you make Lego ?

5. Lionel  messi (soccer player)- how did you score so many goals?

6.  Lebron James (basketball player)- how many slam dunks did you do in a year?

7.  Cecs Fabregas (soccer player)-  why did you chose soccer and not hockey or some other sport to play?

8.  Arnold Schwarzenegger (movie actor) – how did you make so many awesome action  movies?

9.   Pavel Datsyuk (hockey player) –  did you play for the Russian ice hockey team in the winter Olympics?

10. carry price(hockey goalie) –  how did you mange playing in the finals 24 times of more?


Lego Lego and more Lego


you all should know by now how much i love Lego and since  march break i got a new Lego set and i made  some more new Lego. so i am going to talk about Lego and at the end i will post some  pictures and videos of Lego and some other building thing. Lego is amazing because you can build any thing like even the cn tower and other famous buildings like the Ifall tower and plus if you are bored you can build something out of Lego also it gets your mind of any thing and makes you relax.  if you have photos of your Lego at home then write a comment witch has a link to your pictures.             my Lego photos below: 

                                                                                                               my cement truck 

my house                                                                                                                                        my tank     


neil famble and the crusaders cruse

the crusaders cruse is a  very good book but the only thing i don’t like about it is that its very long. the crusader cruse is a book about a boy neil famble who is 15 years old and he owns his own resturant and people don’t like his food and larry his cosuin is helping him and then they figure out that the fambles have a cruse. ops i think i told you to much information.